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Pascal JACOB, 60 years old and a qualified engineer, is a pragmatic and experienced entrepreneur. Throughout his career, he has managed companies with very varied profiles: Small trade, SME, SMI, industrial group and start-up. All this business experience has been related to the wood industry: forest and primary processing, wood for construction, trade in structural wood components and wood for fuel.


Pascal JACOB knows the business world well as he has also taken on successively the role of consular representative, President of the territorial & regional MEDEF, President of the Economic Development Agency and technical advisor of the Banque de France (bank).


Involved in and in favour of professional training, he was Professional Training Consultant, Moovjee mentor of a start-up and class mentor of two Engineering Grandes Ecoles (ENSTIB in Epinal and ENSIM in Cluny). Pascal JACOB, a pioneer in the web from 1994, is also Chairman of ELYSEES MOGADOR SAS (Chez Nous Direct and Mon Terrain Direct digital platforms), Vice-President of the AFEF French Water & Forests Association, recognized as of public interest) and member of the digital transformation committee of the MEDEF (employer federation). 

Pascal JACOB

Entrepreneur for 35 years

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