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STRATex, network of multitrade experts

Managed by STRATER CONSULTING, STRATex is a network of multiskilled and multitrade experts specialising in the forest, wood for construction and wood for energy sectors. The STRATex network is run by business leaders managing or having managed companies and industrial groups that are leaders in the forest, wood and energy industries. It also groups together well-known engineers specialising in forestry, CNAM and IPF engineers, and technical and science engineers from well-known French universities. 


In relying on this network, STRATER CONSULTING can offer specialized consultancy services covering the wood industry in its entirety, upstream and downstream:


Forest – Forest resources – primary transformation :

Our services include the study of procurement areas, the use of wood in the industry, energy savings, biomass and energy transition, communication and lobbying (wood promotion, wood economy, sustainable forestry management, forest and game balance, hunting management and protection of biodiversity. This service is managed by engineers who are experts in forestry in France and abroad. 


Wood energy – Cogeneration :


    Our teams specialise in wood waste-to-energy and work all over Europe. They design and produce industrial biomass cogeneration (heat and electricity production) and biofuel projects (pellets): concept and feasibility studies, planning and obtaining administrative permits, production of documents for calls to tender and specifications, project management and execution, and bringing installations into service.



Wood materials – composite woods & panels :


    We mainly provide advice on the use of added value wood products in construction, industry, trade and specialized distribution. These products are reconstituted solid wood, solid panels for construction, CLT (Cross Laminated Timber), LVL (laminated veneer lumber), i-beams, planed products and plywood.  



Industry – wood structures (roof structures & wooden frames) :


    We assist companies with their industrial development and productive investment. We offer to explore development strategies in France and abroad: market studies, innovation and design of new products, project studies, business sales and acquisitions, financial and technical audits, competitive intelligence, and economic intelligence. 


Wood construction :


We offer operational support to clients and companies for construction projects (new buildings, restoration of old buildings, thermal compliance of existing buildings) designed and built from wood materials. We focus our interventions on the construction phase: follow-up, inspection, compliance with regulations. We also intervene in relation to solid wood and glu-lam wood pathologies, as well as in the settlement of disputes (expertise, arbitration, etc.)


Regulatory assessments, innovations, R&D :


We support companies with their research and development activities and innovation in the joinery, panels, coverings, structures and envelopes sectors. We offer them technical support and help with regulatory assessments: Normative validation of programmes & HQE assessment including: summer/winter thermal comfort, acoustics, water savings, renewable energies and environmental impact. 

Forêt Strater Consulting
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