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Acquisition of wood industry companies

STRATER CONSULTING studies your potential targets and prepares a list of companies operating in the wood industry (upstream and downstream) that may be interested in the acquisition of all or part of their capital or in a merger. 


Confidentially, we approach the targets selected by contacting each of the possible partners, to confirm their interest in entering discussions.


We collect the prerequisite information from the candidate to confirm your interest prior to pledging confidentiality. 


We introduce you to the interested candidates and assist in negotiations with all of the potential targets.


If necessary, we introduce you to specialised bodies to finance the project, whether there is a need for rolling capital, investment financing or strengthening of the capital base

Sale of wood industry companies

The sale of a company requires time and energy. The more you anticipate, the easier the sale. However, it is important to know that the sale process will last at least a year, on condition that you have carefully laid the foundations, particularly with regard to the valuation of your company, a vital step in the sale process. It is therefore better to seek assistance.

As a company operating in the wood industry sector, STRATER CONSULTING seeks to understand your desires and expectations and to include any specific features related to your specific segment and trade. Then, if necessary, with the help of specialized solicitors and company valuation experts, we assist you throughout the long stages of the sale: introduction to potential buyers, discussion and negotiations.

Cession acquisition Strater Consulting
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